design principles

As we designed Swerve Living, we carefully considered the impact of the living spaces upon the people who will live there. We wanted to ensure that they were spaces full of light, well appointed and creative, with intelligent use of space. We’ve achieved this through a complicated design process, which included working with contractors, engineers, designers, and architects.  The well being of the residents is our primary concern.

The impact of the building on its surroundings and the city is equally important. This building’s elegant design will enhance the streetscape and create a sense of renewal. Its position at the entrance to the downtown is ideal, marking the beginning of Gaetz Avenue, Red Deer’s original main street. This street will receive major upgrades and changes over the next few years as the City moves ahead on its plans to enhance the livability of the city’s heart. We are very aware of how this building could transform and encourage change. The well being of the community continues to be an extremely important part of this project.

Our third focus, during the design process, was a consideration of the impact this project and its inhabitants would have on the earth. We’ve been careful to think through the environmental footprint during the design and build, but we’ve also considered the future trends toward more sustainable and renewable energy.


Case studies in other communities have shown that well-designed buildings are not only desirable and aesthetically pleasing, they also contribute to community safety, attract new investment to the area, and improve the overall value of neighbourhoods. Swerve Living is designed along these principles.

Swerve Living is situated on the very edge of Red Deer’s historic downtown area. Whether people are entering or leaving the downtown core, Swerve will leave an impression on all who pass by. Its unique architectural design and innovative green features will make it an identifiable landmark within the city.