swerve living amenities

Green outdoor courtyard:

In the midst of urban life, we all crave a little green. As well as your access to Red Deer’s beautiful park system and the stunning outward views from every unit, residents on floors three through six will also enjoy the pleasure of a view onto an open green courtyard. Situated on the third floor, the courtyard is a communal space for all residents; read a book, get to know your neighbours, or just enjoy the fresh air.

Car program:

We know that, sometimes, you do need a vehicle. That’s why Swerve Living will offer residents the use of three energy-efficient vehicles. The condo association will set up usage guidelines. More information on the Swerve Car Program will be forthcoming soon.

Recycling area:

In keeping with Swerve Living principles of sustainability, the building design includes a common area where residents will be able to sort their recyclable materials. We know the people who are drawn to the Swerve lifestyle care about things like that.