Swerve Living: a lifestyle choice for the urbanite.

There’s nothing else like Swerve in Red Deer. Our unique vision incorporates green design, urban style, and intelligent use of space.

Swerve Living is a residential and commercial building in the heart of downtown Red Deer (see site map). Swerve contains 32 single floor suites, 4 townhouse lofts, and 5 spaces for food-related shops on the main floor.

South West Corner Elevation Swerve Living

South West Corner Elevation Swerve Living

The focus at Swerve is on urban living. Most of all, it’s about you, and how you choose to spend your time. Working and playing where you live. Walking, biking, and using public transit. It’s a vehicle-free lifestyle for the most part, which means more money in your pocket. And for the times you do need a set of wheels, there’s the Swerve Car Program.

Swerve is a lifestyle choice – a statement about your values, about how you want your life to reflect those values. It’s not for everyone. It could be amazing for you.