Swerve Living is an investment:

in a simpler lifestyle, in savings down the road, in your health and in the health of your community. It’s a European concept revolving around walkability, beautiful built spaces, and creating great communities of happy, healthy people. The concept is gaining ground in North America but you’ve seen nothing like it in urban Alberta. Until now.

Resale values for Swerve Living units will only increase, making this an investment to pursue now. Save money on utilities, car payments, vehicle maintenance and insurance. Invest in your health by making walking part of your lifestyle. Invest in your community by exploring the charms of the historic downtown and its merchants. Make the streets your own. You’ll also be lessening your environmental footprint and keeping our skies blue.

Lower condo fees:

Swerve’s concrete and steel structure is built to last. That means less future maintenance and repair. Electric heat and the use of green energy equal more cost savings. Our intelligent design includes polished concrete floors that stay clean and healthy, and don’t require replacement.

All this will reflect in condo fees 50 to 70% lower than you’d pay at any other condominium complex in Red Deer. That’s because Swerve is unlike any other condominium complex in Red Deer.

Green investment:

We’re committed to using green materials in construction, which means green energy to power the building, LED lighting, no carpets that off-gas, and no lead paint. To lessen Swerve’s ecological footprint, we commit to environmental building practices, including sourcing materials close to home wherever possible.

The building is designed so that solar panels and/or wind turbines can be added to the roof later on. As part of the condo association, further commitments to green energy and cost savings will be up to you.